Here are a few quotes from some of my “fans.”

“Mr. Tyree, you must be one of the most miserable individuals around to feel the need to ridicule young men for wanting to be a part of something wholesome and greater than themselves. Professionally, I find it reprehensible that another educator would deliberately and publicly insult the community’s youth and seek to demean their efforts and goals. It is unspeakable and inexcusable, and as a father of a young football player and proud member of our school community, I find your remarks tawdry and offensive.”

—Jim Stringer, former Powell H.S. football coach

Some of my response…

From my perspective, Coach Stringer blew a perfect opportunity in the handling of an unintelligent remark from an armchair quarterback (that would be me). Rather than responding with a personal attack on the commentator, Stringer could simply have addressed his team sometime before the big playoff game with, “OK boys, let’s show that lamebrain Morgan Tyree how stupid he is when it comes to Powell football!”

And had they actually won their first-round playoff game, perhaps a sharp rebuke could have followed in the next edition of the Tribune from the team captain that said, “Powell 28, Riverton 14. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Morgan Tyree.” Rather, the seasoned head football coach responded like a spoiled little girl who was knocked down in a mud puddle.

“Morgan, if you think you are a leader and the common person listens to your liberal, arrogant banter, you are more delusional than I thought. It’s perplexing no one has chased you and your obnoxious opinions out of NWC and the community. Go work in a union shop where people may give a damn.” —anonymous

“In the printing and Publishing industry did you speak to your supervisors and act the way you do today? I bet not or they would have fired you. Your words right there, dumb and dullard, do you use those in the classroom to a student? Possibly an insecure student out on their own for the first time learning about life? Why don’t you just hand him the gun instead of trashtalking him. If you really believe the problem is at the high school level, then go down to that level and try to make a difference instead of complaining about it at the college level.” —anonymous